Thursday, May 28, 2009

Victim Rights Videos

Every Victim Every Time

Department of justice video promoting the Crime Victims' Rights Act

Hearing Testimony from Crime Victims United of California

Testimony against altering of parole policies, namely the early release of "non-violent/non-serious" offenders. Includes a good example of the misrepresentation of the term "non-violent" by statute.

New Directions from the Field: Victim's Rights and Services

This is a video produced by the Office for Victims of Crime, that promotes a publication that raises awareness of and promotes a unified approach to victim rights in criminal justice throughout the state and federal systems. It is a bit long, and is not designed to entertain, but is interesting.

The News Media's Coverage of Crime and Victimization (28 Minutes)

This video outlines the issues surrounding media coverage of crime from the victim's perspective. This video is designed to train victim service providers of the sensitivities surrounding this type of coverage. Media coverage is one of several areas that promote re-victimization, by claiming that their coverage is helpful to the victim, reporting innuendo, glamorization of the offender, use of euphemism, etc.

Justice League of Ohio Videos

Videos produced by the Justice League of Ohio.

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